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Fawlee is a social network website platform that promotes Financial Inclusion and the Payment Industry around the globe through social media & digital services.

Financial Inclusion players and/or the Payment communities around the world are getting together today under a single platform to share, discuss, debate and/or exchange ideas or experience through Fawlee. 



Fawlee believes that technology and the payment industry can play a major role in promoting Financial Inclusion.

The Fawlee platform also gives you access to locate Payment Partners or Service Providers near you from one single platform.


Fawlee believes that education should not be left behind; therefore, Fawlee Users, Members or Industry Partners can now participate in the Fawlee quiz of the month to keep up with crucial information that may impact the Payment Industry. 


Fawlee believes that Financial Inclusion actors are faced by challenges that are sometimes difficult to manage in isolation. Therefore, being part of a networking platform is crucial. It can help people share knowledge & experience and could also open doors for new opportunities. Therefore, from time to time, Fawlee will expand its invitations to its partners or members to participate in Fawlee Webinars in order to present their products, solutions or services to the Fawlee community.

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Being part of the financial industry, there is only one big talk that covers the industry today, which is the “Financial Inclusion talk”. Financial Inclusion could be defined as means and/or methods that facilitate population to access financial products and/or services at very affordable costs. However, the question that we may perhaps ask ourselves- with all the financial institutions existing today and with the technology that we currently have available in the globe, why our population are still unbanked ?

That is why Fawlee is inviting Thought Leaders, Business Leaders, Decision Makers or Business Influencers like yourself to join the Fawlee platform today and bring your voice to change the world.

The world is waiting for you.


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